What’s new with Bootstrap 5

Awesome news specially for the folks who loves to use Bootstrap as their primary front end frame work.

I’ve been a fan as well for years and I use it to all of my projects.

So what’s new?

Well the biggest of all changes are the following.

  • jQuery and JavaScript
    No more Jquery as Bootstrap 5 has gone pure vanilla JS making things a bit more faster and lighter

  • CSS custom properties
    Oh yes! This makes CSS more powerful, If you’re not familiar with it here’s a quick link :

  • Dropping Support for IE (Internet Explorer) to give way to CSS custom Properties.

  • Updated forms
    Yep, They’ve gone fully custom on this one.

  • Enhanced grid system
  • Utilities API
  • Improved customizing docs
  • Coming soon: RTL, offcanvas, and more


For more information here’s the full blog from Bootstrap!

I’ve also started a starter template with SaSS using Bootstrap v5.0.0-alpha1 You can check it here: