A WordPress starter theme based on Underscores and Boostratap 5

Basic Features

  • Combines Underscore’s PHP/JS files and Bootstrap’s HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Comes with Bootstrap (v5) Sass source files and additional .scss files. Nicely sorted and ready to add your own variables and customize the Bootstrap variables.
  • Uses a single minified CSS file for all the basic stuff.
  • Font Awesome integration (v6)
  • Jetpack ready.
  • WooCommerce support.
  • Child Theme ready.
  • Translation ready.


Download or clone the repo to wp-content/themes/pahina then navigate to wp-admin->themes and activate the theme.


Please do not use this as your primary theme, as all your changes will be overwritten when the pahina theme updates, instead use the childtheme –

  • Your design goes into: /sass/theme.**
  • Add your styles to the /sass/theme/custom.scss file
  • And your variables to the /sass/theme/variables.scss
  • Or add other .scss files into it and @import it into /sass/theme/theme.scss.
  • Add your custom javascripts into ./js/theme.js



  • node.js make sure node.js is installed to your machince/pc
  • gulp.js make things easier install gulp cli
npm install --global gulp-cli
  • Move the dependencies to the src folder, This includes bootstrap 5 & fontawesome source files
gulp get-src


  • Compile SaSS & Minify the css files
gulp styles
  • Compile and minify js files
gulp scripts
  • Run styles and scripts at once
gulp build-assets

Watch & Process CSS & JS automatically without BrowserSync

gulp watch

Use browserSync | Edit gulpconfig.json

  • Serving from a server environment
"proxy": "localhost:3000" //replace this with your environment url
  • Run the server
gulp start


Pahina is licensed under GNU General Public License v2 –

Check the Repository